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assjournal's Journal

Ass Journal
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This is a community for ass. We strive to no higher purpose other than the pursuit of ass. We want your silly puns involving the word "ass". We want the best acronyms you can make using the word "ass". We want ass jokes.

And, most important of all, we want the sexiest ass shots you have. No naked ones though. I don't think LiveJournal will appreciate us starting a community-based porn site, and really--I'm sure some of you might have behinds that should STAY clothed.

Another important ground rule is to be nice. Just because you post about ass doesn't mean you need to BE one. Let's just have some good, not-exactly-clean fun here, alright?

Also: all posts are friend-only. Despite the pretty much silly nature of this community, some people might take offense to the sight of backsides or incredibly lame jokes.

Yep, that should about cover it.

Ass: the glue of the world and the subject of yet another ridiculously pointless LJ community.